March 2013

Hello again from the ARCH desk. We hope you have all enjoyed a good Easter break. One quarter of 2013 is nearly behind us.

I do have some good news to share with you.

Firstly, we welcome Janet Nicholson to the ARCH team. Janet’s role is to attend to the ever- growing administrative side of ARCH. She has been with us for almost two months now and is doing a sterling job of attending to the myriad of tasks required to keep ARCH running smoothly. She is currently designing a patient survey to gather feedback from patients who have come through ARCH. We hope this will enable us to streamline and improve our services even further.

Southern Cross North Harbour has kindly provided Janet with an office for the day she works for ARCH, and Medtech has provided her with a free laptop and patient management software. A big thank you to both!

Secondly, we were delighted to learn than our charity had again been chosen by the Z fuel Northcross and Milford branches to be a part of their to Good in the Hood programme – a programme that supports charitable community groups. Each Z station throughout the country will be giving away $5000, which will be split between four community organisations chosen by each branch. That’s over $1 million dollars being given away across the country – a very commendable initiative indeed!

Z is a Kiwi company and is committed to supporting its community. Please acknowledge the great work they are doing by filling up your car at one of these stations. It could mean the difference between someone getting life-changing surgery or not.

Z has also expressed a desire to work with ARCH long term beyond the Good in The Hood programme, which is very exciting.

In the meantime, surgical referrals continue to come in, and surgery continues to be performed by our committed team of volunteer surgeons in a timely fashion – surgery that is frequently life changing for our patients. I ask that as an ARCH supporter, you please keep spreading the word and helping in any way you can to enable us to continue doing what we are doing.

Best wishes to you all.

Fiona Sussman
Director, ARCH