‘Happy Hips’

We love getting positive feedback from patients whom ARCH has helped; it reminds us why we are doing what we are doing, and galvanises our commitment to helping those who have fallen between the cracks in our health system.

Recently we received this lovely letter entitled ‘Happy Hips’, from Leanne, a lady who had hip surgery with the assistance of ARCH. It is addressed to her surgeon, Dr Matthew Brick.

“I wanted to send you an email to say thank you so much for everything. Last weekend I completed a 50km adventure race    in Rotorua with three friends. We finished 10th in our category, 9 hours and ten minutes – not bad for a first time group of adventure racers! I was pretty nervous before hand and wondered what I had got myself into, but I was so happy that my hips held out and I got to the end with no hip trouble! 

Thank you for all the support, reassurance and time you have given me, as well your support in assisting me in getting financial assistance. Mark, my fiancé, said to me the other day, “This is a new Leanne I don’t know, your so happy all the time.” I feel I have my life back! 

I’m keeping up with the rehab, strengthening and fitness. We’re registered for another adventure race in October, so I’m hoping to do even better!

I just wanted to share this with you, as it was a real milestone in my recovery, and the test of whether I felt I truly was recovered or not. I think its safe to say I’m well on my way.

Saying thank you doesn’t seem like enough gratitude, however I will be paying it forward in any way I can. I’m hoping to look for sponsorship for an event so I can give back to the Charity Hospital so they can continue to assist people in my situation. 

Many, many thanks,

Leanne “

happy hips

Leanne and her team after completing a 50km adventure race. Here at ARCH we join the toast to her happy hips!