Patient testimonials

ARCH has received many testimonials from patients who have received treatment through ARCH. Here are a few examples. Names and contact details are available.


“I was diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes in November 2009… I was already having difficulty trying to maintain my tasks at work but was reluctant to admit… my job was at risk… declined treatment…

I owe so much to all the people involved in the ARCH Trust and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Restoring my eyesight has also restored my life .

What a wonderful group of people I have encountered since.

From the speedy reply to enquiries and courteous staff, to the affect this restoration of full sight has had on my life is unbelievable. I have now returned to work full time. If it were not for this group of generous people and their sponsors who give freely of their time and skills, I would still be ‘a ward of the state’ surviving on a welfare sickness benefit and an unnecessary drain on society. (and by now slowly going round the bend. Without full sight there was little I could do safely or with any confidence.)

I give my warmest thanks to all who helped me , and to the many others that pass through your hands. I offer my support and I encourage others to support the work of this organisation, without which many people would be left in limbo on our inefficient health system. “


“I would like to thank Luigi Sussman and all at ARCH for giving me a better quality of life.

For four years I had suffered extreme abdominal pain and swelling from hernias. Several times I was taken to North Shore Hospital in excruciating pain only to be turned away each time. After a long period of time I received a letter stating that I was no longer on the public waiting list for an operation as they did not do hernia operations any longer.

Being on a pension and not able to afford this operation privately, I thought I would be in pain for the rest of my life.To my surprise I received a letter from Arch for an appointment for my hernias. I was elated when I visited Luigi and he said he would perform my operation at no cost to me.

Since my hernias have been removed I am able to do things I couldn’t do previously, e.g. my gardening, walking and kicking up my heels.

I am full of gratitude to ARCH and Luigi Sussman and can only express how much I appreciate what has been done to improve my quality of life.

Thank you all you dedicated doctors who give up your time and skills to help people like me.”



“… I had a major fall from a horse and landed on my right hip and shoulder. It was a massive problem as I was already a below knee amputee. I had learned to ride with a prosthesis, and represented New Zealand at the Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, winning gold and silver medals.

The fall meant I was in constant pain. I was unable to keep my prosthesis on and didn’t sleep well at all. My job riding, teaching, and caring for horses was severely limited. It was very depressing as I was a very active and competitive person.

I could not believe it when my surgeon, Matt Brick, told me about ARCH. I (went on to have) my hip repaired with a fabulous team of nurses and doctors in a wonderful hospital.

(When I got) back into training I won two major NZ titles and two qualifying scores for Rio 2016.

So thank you for all you do, your generosity. You have restored my belief in there being some lovely people out there in this world.”