Who qualifies

To be considered for treatment through ARCH for your medical condition you need to meet the following criteria:

  1. You are unable to afford private medical treatment, and have discussed this with your family doctor.
  2. You do not have private health insurance, and are not eligible for ACC treatment.
  3. You are a NZ Permanent Resident or a NZ Citizen.
  4. You have been referred to the public system for this problem and been declined treatment by your local hospital within the last 6 months (please note that acceptance criteria from public hospitals are continually changing). We need proof of this declination – a copy of the letter stating you will not be seen or treated.
  5. You have a referral by a health professional. We cannot accept self-referrals. Your health professional (GP/optometrist/specialist) will need to sign a written declaration confirming that all of the above conditions are met and submit this with the referral letter and other documentation required: see referrals

Please note, not all conditions are suitable for treatment through ARCH for a variety of reasons, and we reserve the right to decline treatment at our own discretion. Having said this, we will endeavour to help those who have a genuine need.

*At this stage we are unable to offer weight reduction surgery.*