If you have any questions that are not covered in this list, we would be happy to answer them. Please contact us.

Will we do any research?

We are not averse to research and audit. If any were pursued it would be in accordance with standard medical practice and meet with ethics committee approval/ acceptable code of conduct.

We will audit outcome of surgery/clinics on a regular basis.

We aim to achieve accreditation.

Will we accept foreigners – people without permanent residence?

To be eligible for care at ARCH one of the requirements is that the individual has been removed from a public hospital waiting list, so the criteria that apply for eligibility to access the public health system apply.

Furthermore, any complications that could occur if such a person were operated on through ARCH would not be covered by ACC.

Therefore the answer is no.

How much have trustees put in themselves?

Many hours of expertise in time which would otherwise be used on profitable work or personal time.

Other input has included donations financially – for example to host cocktail party so that donations from public not used and a short term salary for an admin person.

A trustee has pledged voluntary long term medical services to the hospital.

Why help government out? Isn’t it their job?

We do not take a position one way or another on this.

At present there is real need in NZ. We want to meet that need now; help the people out there now who are in need, irrespective of whether the government or anyone else should be doing it.

How much for naming rights?

Open to negotiation.

What’s in it for the doctors donating their services?

There is no platform for medical staff to do this sort of charitable work in NZ.

Many of us went into medicine to help people. Philanthropy has its own reward.

NZ has been good to us, we want to give something back.

Would you consider making ARCH available for children’s palliative care?

There are many areas in the health sector that are in need of help. Unfortunately we cannot meet all these needs. At present our brief is quite circumscribed to ensure we succeed. Thereafter is the capacity build in to grow and adjust to changing needs of the community.

What is the cost of a procedure at ARCH to the trust?

Approximated example:

$1,500 surgeons fee – Waived
$800 Anaesthetists fee – Waived
$1,500 Theatre fee – Waived in virtual, nonexistent when hospital built
$1,500 instruments/sundries. Hopefully many will be donated at cost. An open hernia as opposed to laparoscopic could cost $300.

TOTAL $300 (as opposed to $5,300)